Physical Therapy Management Software – Before You Buy

Physical therapy management software can be a huge help to physical therapists in recording and organizing patients’ data.  It can also serve as a tool for scheduling appointment, for financial records keeping and, billing and claims.  Buying the best physical therapy management software for your clinic is a big decision as it has a great impact on your practice.  The good thing is there are a lot of tried and tested systems in the market today.  Before you buy one, here are some of the popular features you should look for in physical therapy management software.

Physical Therapy Management Software – Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

This software manages the keeps tracks of patients’ data, charts, histories, test results and medications.  It is a great help in the management of a physical therapy business.  Benefits in using an EMR includes improvement in the quality of care, increase in collection, more time for patients and less time for paperwork and overall improvement in clinic efficiency as it allows more time for patients instead of paperwork .

Physical Therapy Management Software – Medical Billing

Having an accurate and speedy billing and claims system is very vital for the viability of a clinic.  This feature is most useful in coding claims properly, checking claims for code errors, verifying patient’s insurance, can send electronic claims, and provide reports on successful and rejected collections.  Primary benefits in using a physical therapy management software with this feature are transparency in collections, knowing who pays fastest and which claims are often rejected; improved collections since it ensures usage of correct code claims; and improved efficiency in the billing and claims process.

Physical Therapy Management Software – Patient Scheduling

An important key to a physical therapist’s clinic daily operation is patient scheduling management.  Scheduling systems manages appointment and follow-ups of patients.  This feature aims to automate the entire appointment process, minimize no-shows or cancellations and maximize the total number of patient visits.  Advanced scheduling systems come with automated patient reminders in the form of phone calls, emails or text messages.  Benefits derived in using a physical therapy management software this feature can be seen in the improvement of patient-provider communication via the automated reminder system, the improvement of patient experience through the streamlining of the appointment process, reduction in no-shows through the automated communication and the improvement in organization and office efficiency.

The physical therapy management software market is a huge one and it pays to do due diligence in during research before buying one.  It is so easy to purchase a product that might not be the perfect fit for your physical therapy practice.


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